Week of June 14


SCHEDULE Update : Given the poor weather conditions of high winds last week, resulting in cancellations for many of our rowers we will be implementing a 3rd practice session this week for our junior groups. We realize this is earlier than we had  originally announced, for when we would add more frequent practices, but realize last week was not as planned and hope to get rowers out on the water more this week.  We are hoping for a less windy week this week!

Monday through Thursday schedules are the same as previous week.

Here is the update on additional sessions:

Friday 7-8:30 am Jr. Girls (usually M/W 8am group)

8:30-10 am Jr. Girls (usually M/W 9:30 am)

10-11:30 am Jr. Girls (usually M/W 4:30 pm)

Saturday 7-8:30 am Jr. Boys (usually T/Th 8 am group)

8:30 am Jr. Boys (usually T/Th 9:30 am)

10-11:30 am Jr. Mix (usually T/Th 11am)

We realize these times are not exactly the same as your weekday groups have been, but we need to operate closely within our water permit hours.

If you are unable to attend a practice, please notify coach@longlakerowing.org

Masters- we will continue to be 2d/wk, but are still focused on building towards a 3rd session. If you are unable to attend a practice, please notify coachk@longlakerowing.org

College groups- will stay at 2 d/wk and we are also still working on gradually adding coaching to your groups.


Other Updates:

TOWELS- please continue to bring your own towels to wipe down boats, and then sanitize spray after each use.

JL Racing Order: Many of you ordered from our team store for tech clothing back in March. Our order did get caught in COVID-19 production issues. I have emailed the company twice, they have resumed production of team orders, but have not been able to get an update on when we could expect our order to ship. We will notify you as soon as we have information. Thank you for your patience.

STORAGE RACKS: To make storage easier and safer, we ask that anyone using boats from the first set of racks in the woods, please store your boat with bow pointing out (towards Birch's) - (with the exception of the bottom right side Hudson boat). Thank you!

LLRC GRAD Ceremony:

Monday, June 22 at 8 pm. All Seniors are invited- even if you're not currently rowing this season! We know most of you have not had any graduation ceremony yet--so we would like to honor and celebrate you!

Seniors please  RSVP  https://forms.gle/yiDCApJ9JbBgW14y5



We are actively researching the MDH guidelines for helping us move to the next phase of organized sports, which would hopefully allow us to move to multi-person boats, and thus increase practice frequency. The Board of Directors is engaged and currently in conversation about our next move. As always, our goals are to keep everyone healthy, and be in compliance with the  MN. Dept of Health and Governor guidelines. We will notify you as soon as we have a plan, so that you can plan schedules accordingly. We appreciate everyone's flexibility to adapt to the evolving and changing sets of guidelines.


See you on the Water!