We Need YOUR Help!
We Need YOUR Help!
BOATS Needed!
BOATS Needed!

Help Build our Fleet!

In 2017, we borrowed 2-6 boats at EACH regatta, relying on the good will of our fellow rowing clubs so that all our rowers could compete.


This year, to stay competitive and give everyone opportunities to row & race, we need to purchase 1 racing quad and 1 racing double at a minimum
On the used market, these will cost around $10k for the 2x and $16k for the 4x

 Donate Here!

You can donate through Pay Pal or mail a check payable to LLRC to PO Box 591, Long Lake, MN 55356
Remember all donations are tax deductible, and tax receipts will be sent to donors
It Takes Everyone Pulling Together!
It Takes Everyone Pulling Together!

How Far does my dollar go in the world of rowing?

$500 = 1 used pair oars
$1000 = 1 new erg
20 people @ $500 each = used racing 2x
16 people @ $1000 each = used racing 4x
Gifts in any amount are appreciated & help us build our fleet!
Thank you ! We appreciate your generosity and support! 
 Here's to a fantastic 2018!