Join the Team and Help LLRC! 


We have many ongoing needs at LLRC to keep our club operating smoothly!

We invite you to join us through your financial support!

Here are some of our needs:

  • $30 Bow Numbers- one set
  • $50 Tie Down Straps
  • $150 New shoes - for double shoes
  • $150 per new seat for Miller Quad($600 total)
  • $160 new slide rails for Miller Quad (4 pair)
  • $300 New Shoes for quad shoes
  • $500 Oars (used)  per pair
  • $750 New riggers for Miller quad
  • $800 Uv protection Boat Cover for Vespoli 2x
  • $1500 New boat rack
  • $1500 New sculling riggers for Dion

If you are interested in joining our LLRC legacy through donating to name a shell click here:


You can donate to cover the cost of some of our equipment needs here online or send a check to LLRC, PO Box 591, Long Lake, MN 55356

Thank you!